This exhibition seeks to highlight an underlying theme in many of Hans Gjesme's paintings, despite the various motives; namely the seasons. Gjesme depicted the characteristic landscape of Lærdal with the soil, the high mountains that frame the valley and the sky above, in different weather and light conditions, but also in different seasons. Large parts of the year, different parts of the valley are in shadow and in Gjesme's paintings one can see the farms, people and the everyday life in this "shadow landscape". Gjesme has depicted the early gray spring when the snow has just loosened its grip and nature has not yet sprouted, the light green spring full of shimmering light that penetrates through everything that grows, the juicy green summer with sunshine, sparkling water and grass harvesting, the melancholic autumn with a golden shimmer in heather, trees and mountains, and finally the cold winter with little snow, depicted in cool pastel colors. Some of the paintings carry an element of natural mysticism in them, such as The Sun returns in Spring. Most motives are from Lærdal, but some are also from Eastern Norway and and the mountains of Rondane.

Curator: Ingrid Norum og Inghild Venås
Text: Ingrid Norum (kjelde: Ulla Uberg, «Landskap», Hans Gjesme Landskap og portrett, 2004)
Photo: Hans Gjesme, Spring, 1974, oil on canvas, GJS 10.