Extended at least to: 03.09.2017
A large number of the 900 works in the collection in Førde are based on themes associated with involvement. Various artists have created works with scope and a sting, using techniques and materials such as painting, printmaking, photography, sculpture, textiles, porcelain, glass, bronze, wood and ready-mades.

The works were produced in the period from the 1970s until today. They address everything from conflicts such as the wars in Vietnam, Afghanistan and the Balkans to the contrasts between rich and poor and between north and south, the ironies of patriotism, the EU battles, immigration, religious belief, environmental protection, animals and ethics, the abortion conflict, etc.

These artworks have been assembled through purchases, gifts to the Fylkesgalleriet's (County Gallery) department for rejected art, and donations from Arts Council Norway. Many of them are works we have not had the opportunity to show for a long time, and several have not been exhibited since they were acquired by the museum. Now, at last, we have better conditions for displaying our collection, and can mount an exhibition that shows how artists have, through the past 45 years, reacted to events in their time, chosen to share or portray their impressions, and perhaps even tried to influence opinion.

Artists represented:
Backer-Owe, Gunnhild E. Bakke and Anne Britt Rage, Ellen Bang, Arild Bergstrøm, Heidi Bjørgan, Øyvind Botn, Ludvig Eikaas, Ove Enehaug, Ola Enstad, Maria Almås Frantzsen, Trygve Goa, Finn Graff, Rolf Groven, Elisabeth Haarr, Kjellaug Haugen Holter, Tor Haugstvedt, Jiri Havran, Benny Hellberg, Paul Sullivan Hellsegg, Elsie-Ann Hochlin, Adolph Denis Horn, Vibeke Jensen, Trond Knutli, Morten Krohg, Wenche Kvalstad Eckhoff, Victor Lind, Jennifer Lloyd, Frøydis Lunde, Sidsel Moe, Tove Mosebekk, Marie-Ann Mürer, Øyvind Osjord Åstein, Knut Rose, Ole Rosén, Egil Røed, Terje M. Skare, Kjartan Slettemark, Vibeke Tandberg, Per Christian Vatn, Gunnhild Vegge and Lasse Kolsrud, Morten Viskum, Tao Yu and Arne Öhnell.